“what would you like to see from the new council?”

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over on twitter I posed this question and there was a great range of responses. Thanks to Mark Hoole Williams for the suggestion of posting them up as a blog, I think most of them are here, some funny and some sad. Havent named any of the comments, mainly because the copying and pasting was wearing me out. Still, an interesting cross section of opinion :

  1. speed up the Northgate development
  2. the cinema that Labour promised
  3. Openness, engagement and competence would be my wish list
  4. more social care resources for adult services including respite, homecare and social workers !
  5. .more accommodation options for young people including supported living to prevent homelessness

  6. .Open, honest and transparent governance where we don’t have to resort to FoIs to find out what is going on

  7. adult social care services in CWAC desperately need to be reviewed ASAP

  8. U-turn on proposal to scrap separate scrutiny of Children & Education, Safeguarding and Public Accounts

  9. Bit of reflection from the defeated group on why they lost. Carrying on as normal suggests they think the electorate was wrong

  10. full review of the homeless service provision move?

  11. Rent free for the food bank
  12. an open honest transparent inclusive consultative council
  13. strategic plan for support of local independent shops to return city centre vibrancy

  14. merge with Flintshire… For a laugh.

  15. changes in rates for businesses on the rows to support independents?

  16. integrity, which I honestly think we’ll now receive

  17. Free unicorns
  18. bring back Ellesmere Port and Neston Borough Council
  19. help to ensure consistent bus fares across all service providers – especially blacon buses.

  20. Overturning the Elms planning decision

  21. better disabled access to businesses. (Non perm solutions no impact on heritage)
  22. Mandatory Costa reward cards
  23. council tax to increase by 110% for no apparent reason
  24. competence
  25. plenty of respect for colleagues and more importantly the community
  26. less press based controversy , better spending plans
  27. sense of support for entrepeneurs and local shops
  28. bus lanes open at set times
  29. Cross border working relationships for transport, economy and other projects.

  30. A vote of no confidence
  31. a culture where facts are actually facts
  32. rectify recent road planning fails, esp short merge lanes eg sealand rd, long lane Upton
  33. integrity, there wont be any money for the extra services people are asking for
  34. a 20ft bronze statue of Mike Jones
  35. A moratorium on shale gas exploration. Better scrutiny on CWAC officer decisions & Cllr’s work.
  36. Children’s play area on the maze at water tower gardens
  37. a neighbourhood plan for chester city
  38. make park and ride free. Extend free after 3
  39. bigger recyle bins
  40. full dig to reveal the Roman lion arena
  41. An application that the walls become a world heritage site….. Like that’s going to happen!!
  42. Less money, more love
  43. Rename the city New Deva


With thanks to Chay Hawes for the Mike Jones mock up @chayground

6 Replies to ““what would you like to see from the new council?””

  1. “Bit of reflection from the defeated group on why they lost. Carrying on as normal suggests they think the electorate was wrong” Absolutely agree, but flying pigs spring to mind.

    Honesty, transparency, integrity and competence are clearly the common themes here, I really hope that our new council and MP can deliver.

  2. Build more homes for the poorer families. Why are they forced to pay high rents to private land lords who charge them what they like. Stop building to many student apartments and start building for the people of the city. For the people who work hard and pay the council high rates. Way do the council put others before its own. And tell me way the council charge high street shops very high rates and rates. You will note that a large number of shops are now closed because of this. This council of greed is turning our city into a ghost town. I was born in this city and I enlisted and re-enlisted in this city. And that makes me a son of this city. That is more than I can say for this council. Oh and by the way. Have you noticed on race days that outsiders are allowed to drink alcohol on the streets. Yet the council turn a blind eye to this. CHESTER COUNCIL GET A GRIP’

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