Peaness ” stick around to catch the light”

We went to see up and coming Chester band, Peaness at Telfords warehouse. The energetic and lively three piece entertained an enthusiastic crowd with some very catchy pop. Opening track “Summer song” will stay in your head for days , with its melodic guitar riffs, despite the final days of summer approaching. So popular was it , that the band played it twice in the set, as an encore after much demand from the audience.

The band are made up of Carlia, otherwise known as Bala  – guitar and vocals. Rachel -drums  Jess- bass and  vocals. Of their debut Chester gig, Jess commented that “it was really warm on stage, but really good fun.”

“We love Telfords. we’ve been coming here watching bands and always thought it was such a cool intimate place to play” said Bala.  Rachel agrees, saying the band have all been coming here since their student days.

The bands musical influences include Courtney Barnet and   Death from above 1979.  “We also said that we wanted to sound like the band Sex Bob-Omb from the film Scott Pilgrim against the world. Simple little pop songs!” says Jess.

Why the “controversial”  name? “It was a bit of a joke thing. I think I saw it on tumblr , and we just thought it was a funny word”

Rachel: ” think of a garden pea and add the “ness” at the end of it!”

Bala  “we’ve had a lot of people saying we should change our name, but it’s too late now”

The bands 4 track EP “No Fun”  was recorded in Orange Sound studios with Russ Hayes in north Wales  at the end of April. Response so far described as “pretty overwhelming” by Bala , with their songs already getting some radio play.  It can  be downloaded on band camp and on the band are on the facebook and the twitter.

“None of us are from Chester. We all went to the university, we all studied music, and just sort of stuck around … ”  Of the music scene in Chester  Jess says that it’s “not really on the radar when you’re so close to Liverpool, Manchester, North Wales” but they would “like to put Chester on the map!”

The band have upcoming gigs at Oxford, Cardiff, Liverpool music week, Preston.

Follow Peaness at @Peanessband on the twitter

EP for download at

Thank you Peaness and Noel Parsons.

2 Replies to “Peaness ” stick around to catch the light””

  1. Chester is VERY much on the map musically.

    Some of our top groups in the region are getting snapped up by labels left, right and centre.

    Groups like Chemistry Lane & Saltwater injection are both signed to some very exciting up & coming independants. ME & Deboe are getting rave reviews in London.

    The Compass, Telford’s & The Live Rooms are all attracting very good quality acts in their fields.
    You have open mic at least six nights a week plus an easy 5-6 gigs of a certain quality.

    Also because of it’s size Chester has a very engaged social media culture network.

    Anyone who thinks Chester isn’t on the radar clearly doesn’t know a lot about the scene.

    Ignorance is the biggest threat to our rich musical culture.

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