Campfire Social are a Llangollen/Chester based alt folk/sunshine/pop outfit who recently released their debut EP. Here are our thoughts

Lead track “The Ocean Sunshine and me” brings an instant smile to your face, full of the beautiful harmonies that characterise the band. Written on a 5 hour holiday walk along the coast, the moving lyrics by Thomas Hyndman offer support in times of trouble “keep your head up, and continue to breathe”… Likely to become one of the band’s signature tracks, listen out for the rousing “whoo!” near the end, its a beautiful love song to brighten the darkest of winter days.


Track 2, which opens with a vocal that sounds like a deliberate homage to The Beatles’ “Because” seems initially more lightweight, but once again the lyrics strike gold. The downbeat cry that “nothing left is real, excpt your doubt..” against the happy melody is a winner.. The refrain “All my favourite people.. are people I know nothing about”…  would fit neatly onto the soundtrack of “Shitchester the movie”

The third song on the EP brings the temp down with a dose of melancholy, fire , rain and cloud. Gentle and relaxing, good for a mope, but once again Campfire make it sound so beautidul, saying goodbye to “most of our friends”


The band at Rhudd-fest  summer 2015


Closing the EP is the confusingly titled “Loving the wreckage” which starts slowly, but soon builds to a hugely memorable chorus, once again championing triumph over uncertainty and despondency.

Verdict: The EP is an artisan slice of uplifting pop, guaranteed  to be free of nuts and all other allergens. Full of hope and great music.

Listen/purchase here :

You can follow the band on the twitter @campfire_social

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