Care worker Philip Beare has set up “The Chester Tribe”  Phil, who attends the Vineyard Church in Handbridge, says that The Tribe is a ” a community for men to be able to come into and just relax, and have that lads talk, unwind and have a beer. It might be you’ve had a good day, bad day, it might be the news, football..”

Phil has been a Christian for 3 years. “I didn’t like the life I was leading, it was a bit self centered. I knew I needed more in life than just looking at me, and being able to follow God just shows me so much more… I went away and went travelling and I really connected with what being a Christian is meant to be. Its not about the amount of knowledge…its about the heart you have and what you’re putting behind it. I saw people working with the homeless and drug addicts, and they were constantly giving. Canada and America. That’s where I got my steady footing from.”

Head of the Tribe Phil Beare


The first meeting of the Tribe will be at The Piper in Hoole on the 26th Jan from 5 til 730. The aims of the Tribe is to  promote community. “The core of it is making friends and not being judgemental, not throwing things at people. Just to be have the simple fact of being friends. This place is aimed to grow community, you can come in after a heavy days work, pop in for a drink, hopefully they’ll always be someone around as it goes. Our aim is to get rid of some of that loneliness that’s around. You’re not just going to work then coming back.. Its for support and networking as well. ”

Phil feels that loneliness has increased in the facebook and twitter age.. “You have social media where you can connect , but you dont get the personal interaction. There are so many more demands on our time.


“Our intention is to have small groups from it, a curry night, a football night, whatever it is. These will be starting up soon. Its a community of people relating to each other in so many different ways. Community with a wide diversity of people, and not to be put in a box” Phil says times and dates for future meetings will be subject to feedback from members, and he is open to all ideas.

Phil says that while he is unofficial “Tribe leader” there are several other guiding lights. He thanks Martin Ankers for setting up the website and running social media. Dave Tonks, Pastor at Northgate Church has also been heavily involved.  “Its a good view from several different angles not just mine.

Phil stresses that The Tribe is open to all, not Christians, saying that although he has been inspired by his faith, the idea of the Tribe is more about connection : “Tribe is like a family. If you have a problem, you go arm in arm with that person and walk with them. Its something you can belong to. A Tribe is a safe place, youre included… Although Phil has been inspired by religion, people from any faith or no faith are invited to attend. Its about being friends. we’re not going to bring out bibles, its not a prayer meeting, its purely friendship.



First Tribe meeting is Tuesday 26th. “Come and get involved, come and have a chat ” says Phil. “We want to make this happen”


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