RoomsQuest is Chester’s newest attraction and is  proving to be a success with owner Rob Wilkinson having to turn away groups due to high demand and puzzle fans travelling from Bangor, Manchester and Scotland to pit their wits against “the room”. The idea behind RoomsQuest is that teams of 3-5 people  are locked inside a room and have just one hour to find clues and solve puzzles in order to “beat the room” and escape.

“Escape the room started quite a few years ago.” says Rob ” The first one was called Origin and it was in Silicon Valley, California. since then they have gone bananas, there are now 3000 venues worldwide.  In Liverpoool 12 months ago, there were none, now there’s 6.If you go onto Trip Advisor 7 out of the top 10 in Moscow, are escape rooms. The top thing to do in York is Escape the room…”

Wirral based Rob, who started off working in the food industry , but has been self employed for many years, tried an Escape Room about a year ago and liked it so much he decided to set up his own. He says that Chester is his favourite city and has many friends in the area. RoomsQuest is located in the east wing of Chester train station. “The difficult thing with Chester was finding a venue. I’ve been in business for 30 years and position is everything.  2.4 million people a year walk through this station, the footfall is fantastic. You have the development next door, all of these people are going to be walking past. …

Currently there is one scenario entitled “Jail break” running, but eventually there will be 3, with the next one open by the end of May. The idea is that you and your friends end up trapped in a room on a night out and have to escape before the security guards arrive. The clock on the wall counts down as you frantically search for clues and break codes to open locks and find hidden keys. The room is furnished with items Rob bought at auction, and there are many surprises and red herrings along the way. If you get stuck, gamesmaster Rob will send you a clue via the monitor on the wall, and you are probably going to need them!  Often clues are hiding in plain sight, and other times you will need to crack codes or use tools to advance.

Our team almost beat the room, with plenty of help from Rob’s clues. RoomsQuest is great fun, with a great sense of achievement as you locate a hidden key or work out a puzzle. Working like a cross between a Sherlock Holmes mystery and The Crystal Maze, RoomsQuest is likely to be popular with families, friends , stag/hen parties, as well as team building exercises.


Rob, who is also a trained counsellor, says that Jail Break is classed as one of the hardest escape rooms in the country, but stressed that it was “all about having fun”.  Looking forward to a busy summer, he says that running RoomsQuest is “great fun. The people that come are in a great mood, people that leave are in a good mood… You just have great fun, you’re  buzzing the whole hour!”


RoomsQuest is currently open 5-10pm in the week and 10- 10 at weekends , but there will be extended opening hours during the summer.  The cost varies depending on the size of the team , with 3 people it works out at £20 for the hour, with 5 its £16.  Welcome to Chester and good luck to RoomsQuest !



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