Within These Walls art competition

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To mark the opening of their new “Within These Walls” attraction, Big Heritage are looking for entries for an open art exhibition.  Opening in late Spring 2018, Within These Walls will replace the plague doctor inspired “Sick to Death” exhibition and will show  visitors how the walls were originally built, how they have changed and grown through time, and how the people of Chester have maintained and looked after their defences, from the 1st century to the 21st century.

The exhibition will include museum  artefacts and interactive displays, and will also host the art exhibition. The  exhibition is themed around the question “What do the walls mean to you?” and is open to all. Successful  entries  will be  displayed within the Water Tower throughout Summer 2018.

Founder of Big Heritage Dean Paton said:  “Within these Walls offers local residents and visitors alike the opportunity to understand the full story of the famous Chester walls all within the beautiful Water Tower complex, which plays its own part in the story. It’s more than just history however, as the walls still play a role in the lives of hundreds of Cestrians on a daily basis. We are therefore inviting artists and photographers to submit an entry to our open exhibition based around what the walls means to them.”

Big Heritage are keen to get as many people involved in the competition, so whether the walls suggest to you,  a deep yearning  frustration at the boarded up Northgate, the joy of watching a sunrise, or the colour and bustle of a parade, or simply wondering if things are how the Romans would have wanted, enter the competition at:


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