Blacon Living History Festival

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Coming to Blacon in June, is the Living History Festival organised by Ed Abrams of the Living History Hub. The Hub aims  to inspire and immerse schoolchildren in the subject of history. The event at Blacon High School follows a long period of Ed working with every primary school child in Blacon.  “We go into schools and we do history days, we create mayhem basically! Getting the kids involved in a fun environment. That’s how I believe history should be taught. ”


“I taught nearly 1000 kids in under 6 weeks. ” says Ed. Each school owned a  period of national/local history including the Romans, Anglo Saxons, Civil War, the Victorians, and World Wars one and two. “From reception to year six, every child got involved. This was supported by the Blacon Educational Village, and sponsored by Avenue Services,  the Temporary Kitchen Company  and the Westminster Foundation. The event at Blacon High School on the 9th June will bring together many living history and community groups.

“I’ve always believed that history can bring communities together. The objective is to get young and old together and immersed in this event. We’ve got the Romans doing a living history camp, we have the Sealed Knot there (civil war reenactors) the Wirral Vikings are going to be there. They will all be performing on the day. Each of the schools will be performing a ten minute production on the history that they’ve learned.  ” Birds of Pre, archery, cadet groups and fire engines will all be on show as well. Youth groups including the Sea Cadets and scouts will be taking part, as well as the Grosvenor Museum and the Chester Military Museum. “Dance through time” will offer music from the 1940s to the 1970s. A Memory Wall will offer the older people of Blacon the chance to share their memories with younger generations.

Taking a year to organise Ed praises all the groups involved. “Without the help of the support of all the Head teachers through the Blacon Educational village none of this would have happened. They’ve all been incredibly supportive. One of the problems in the community is that different groups dont always understand one another. The ultimate objective would be to get a teenager jiving with a  grandma on the dance floor!

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