Haunted hotel launched at The Kings Head

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“My Haunted Hotel” at the 400 year old King’s Head is offering guests the ultimate overnight ghost hunting adventure, at one of the most haunted locations in the country.

With a team of professional paranormal investigators on site, guests will get hands on with a variety of ghost hunting equipment and experience unique tasks and experiments given to you throughout the night as you search for the paranormal. Amongst the team will be Danny Moss, star of 2020’s “The Haunted Hunts” which aired on Amazon prime video and explored Chester’s haunted history in detail. Says Danny : “This is one of the most unique experiences you’ll ever have, the location is one of the most haunted I’ve ever investigated and this is a very exciting project which allows guests to spend the entire night at the hotel whilst being part of a professional paranormal investigation and it’s all filmed for YouTube.

A spectre captured on camera at The Haunted Hotel

​ Say the organisers : “You will STAR in your very own paranormal show with My Haunted Hotel releasing episodes of the night and of any activity captured on camera. The team will keep in contact with you from their control room to help make the most of your investigation, you will be invited to perform paranormal experiments and investigations in just your small group or ALONE around the building throughout the night, before the early hours of the morning draw in and you’re left with the 13 ghosts to try and get a sound nights sleep. ”

Guests check in at 8:30pm and spend the night inside the haunted hotel. 6 bedrooms have been designed to “invoke” paranormal activity and 16 cameras will monitor the investigation, with the footage uploaded to Youtube: “Take part in paranormal experiments throughout the night and explore your rooms for instructions and hidden secrets. Everything you may witness during the night is completely real, nothing is staged and once the investigation finishes at 2am you’ll be free to either try and sleep or carry on investigating yourself.” The haunted hotel experience runs Mon- Thursday nights and includes refreshments throughout the night. Rooms hold 2- 3 people with their own unique design, with experiments in the rooms designed to gain evidence of hauntings. The nights events will be filmed but guests can turn the room camera off once the investigation is completed.

To book visit https://www.myhauntedhotel.com/

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