Holidays are coming, whether we like it or not: The big red , soft drink promoting truck arrives in the city next Thursday (3rd Dec)

 The Coca cola truck has been subject to a huge debate on social media , with many unhappy at the  cancellation of the traditional Winter watch parade, originally scheduled for this date. Commenters were split on whether the axing of a popular community event for the visit of a corporate heavy vehicle championing unhealthy sugar packed product was the right decision. The opposing view seems to be that the truck will attract people to the city and boost trade- last year it visited Broughton park. The Watch parade has since been rescheduled and combined with the Roman Saturnalia parade on the 17th December.

Might look a bit like this


“Thousands of people” are expected to visit Eastgate St with the corporate soda giants promoting ” a magical winter wonderland scene”

 There will be a huge number of road closures on the day, with the city centre under virtual lockdown .  Here are the facts for you to eat/drink.


Roads closed from 10:30 until 22:00:

  • Eastgate Street – from St Werburgh Street to Northgate Street

Roads closed between 15:00 and 22:00:

  • Northgate Street – from Princess Street to Eastgate Street
  • St Werburgh Street – full length
  • Eastgate Street – full length
  • Foregate Street – from Eastgate Street to St Johns Street
  • St Johns Street – full length

Roads closed between 16:30 and 22:00:

  • Bridge Street, – (6m north of Feather Lane to Watergate Street)
  • Watergate Street, – (Bridge St to Nicholas Street / St Martins Way)

coke 23

 The truck’s arrival has been “organised by CH1ChesterBID Company and Cheshire West and Chester Council” states the press release.  However  a recent freedom of information request by a Chester resident revealed that Cllr leader Dixon was apparently unhappy with the decision for the truck to come to town and the decision still seems shaded in secrecy and a lack of accountability.
The vehicle  will be stationed on Eastgate st from 12 til  8.  Also in attendance will be the BID’s Christmas team including members of the Elf community, Look out again for the fantastic 3D glasses – look at any light source to see dreamlike visions of snowflakes, santas and 3 other things. I’m not being sarcastic when I say they are brilliant, particularly when looking at the headlights on  moving cars, which ironically there won’t be at this event.

Rita Waters, Chief Executive of the BID, said: “The Coca-Cola truck has already started its UK-wide tour and we’re incredibly excited to be part of it. It’s another reason to celebrate the magic of Christmas in Chester. We’re expecting large crowds into the city on 3 December, so there may be some disruption which is why we’re encouraging everyone to arrive early and really make a night of it in our beautiful city centre.”

Coke samples will be given out, but not to children under 12 without parental permission. There will be a queuing system with marshals, and toilets provided by the BID.

It will be a busy night and hopefully generate lots of footfall and business for city centre traders. On the same night you can also go and see the Handbridge Christmas event from 5.30 0nwards. Plus don’t forget @ShitChester will be facing Cllr Mike Jones live on 90.2 FM on Flipside Radio’s popular “Ear of the Tiger”.




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