A new book stall has opened in Chester market and owner Richard Leigh Newton promises that it will be the “cheapest place in town ” for book fans. Situated next to the charity Lego exhibition , the stall joins other new arrivals to the market offering jewellery and collectibles.

Former bank worker Richard explains,  ” I’d been working in banking for ages, I’d been selling books online for 5 years. I was buying them in pallets of thousands and because of that I accumulated a hefty supply of books. I’d been coming to the market for 4 years and I liked the look of the place so I decided to give it a try.”

Originally from Crewe, after getting married he and his wife moved to Chester “because it was nicer than Crewe!”  Of his new home in the market he says that :

“Anything could be better in any walk of life, but its a bit of a paradox. Crewe is a bit of a dump, its stuck in the 1970s, but they have a thriving market. Ellesmere Port again,has a thriving market.  Chester is a lovely place but seems to have struggling market.”  However he feels that things are on the up with the new stalls and also rumours of 2 new food outlets to replace the space vacated by the Pet shop. He says that the market offers shoppers more of a community feel and for prospective traders it is easier to obtain a lease and license.


Richard is a big reader himself, and enjoys thrillers, military and war, fantasy and sci fi. The stall offers books of these genres as well as “chick -lit”, romance, general fiction and non fiction. Prices range from 50p to £4, and are a mixture of second hand, reconditioned and new stock.  The stall will also do trades, and will also buy books but at a lower rate than trade.


People are still buying books, says Richard, despite the rise of e readers.

“If you want to go on holiday and take 20 books with you, get an ereader, that’s fine. But there is something very personal about having a book, its not going to break on the floor if you drop it, or run out of batteries. If you drop it down the toilet or in the bath , you can come and get another one off me for a pound! If you drop your kindle you’re talking between £50 and £100. It’s similar to vinyl.. vinyl has made a comeback and is selling more now than it did in the nineties  and noughties combined.”


The stall trades from Monday to Saturday- next to the lego display !

5 Replies to “Book-ingham Palace”

  1. Good luck to Richard with his bookstall, I currently live out of the UK but will be back in Blighty for four to five weeks in July /August so a trip to Chester and the market is very much on the cards.

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