The Goat and Munch, a new pub in the Garden quarter is opening this week.

Situated next to the Garden Lane cafe in the heart of student land, owner David Wilson explained that “Its a small pub that sells decent beer! We looked at a few areas, the rent was cheaper here , and the number  of people here was higher  than Vicars Cross or Boughton.” The Goat and Munch will be offering full cask ales, stout, cider and 4 lagers, which will be different to the lagers served in most pubs, and where possible locally sourced.

Opening this week, 52 Garden Lane


On the site formerly occupied by the  EDAS hoover repair shop, David said that he first looked at the site a year ago, having worked within the pub industry for years as a supplier.

“We got the lease in January and we had to get a licence for change of use. It took about 6 months,  there were no objections but a slow process. ” Renovating the premises took 4 months and involved extensive repairs to the walls. Appearing small from outside, the interior of the pub has a rustic vibe with a TARDIS like feel,with the main bar area complimented by a side room, which has been converted from a storage area.

The bar itself is constructed from wooden pallets and also retains many of the original features, including an EDAS repairs ruler attached to the bar.  “This is the original door complete with the original opening sign! joked David’s son Harry. Also known as “Vil” Harry is an up and coming local musician, who performs solo hip hop material , as well as drumming with The Jigsaws.


“We are welcoming everyone from the student community, to residents, and dogs” says David, who has received a warm welcome from the Garden Quarter.” I like it, its very vibrant, it just needs a bit more investment. Its food heaven for students, all it needs is a curry house! Nice people, very friendly!” The pub is hoping to do a races  deal with the popular Garden Lane cafe offering breakfasts and a pint, as well as running acoustic nights. However David promises there will be no noise disruption to local residents, “we cant be too loud and we will finish at 10” he says.


“It’s a small pub and we intend to sell really nice beer, offer somewhere people can meet and have a conversation. The key thing we do is try and keep the beer right, that’s our main intention!”

The Goat and Munch is expected to open on Wednesday night

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