Dirty Hans goes Pop at Art at 41

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Dirty Hans is an internationally renowned artist, originally from Liverpool, who’s artwork has been exhibited in Antwerp, Brussels, Toronto, Paris, Berlin and Miami. Now he has an exhibition at Hoole’s Art at 41 gallery which will be running until the 13th August.


Jake from Art at 41 introduced us to Dirty Hans’ work (real name Andy) :

“He is a digital artist with a background in graffiti. He has made this transformation, and he believes it gives him more freedom to work with these icons and well known images. Theres a lot of digital sketching involved, he creates the tattoos and then overlays them onto the images. He flicks things on their heads, with Audrey Hepburn, the beautiful girl next door, suddenly she’s covered in tattoos. Even down to the Batman, which is DC (comics) the background is Marvel. He is poking fun at pop culture and these icons. ”


Hans’ exhibition features tributes to recently departed cultural legends, Bowie. Prince and Muhammed Ali. The striking thing about all of the works is their positivity, from a friendly hug between Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe, to a peaceful and tattooed Yoda. The artist himself, originally from Liverpool explained:

Audrey and Dirty Hans


“Its got that iconic happy feel good factor. I think I’m a positive person!

“I unofficially left school at 14. When I left school it was a case of finding your own way, doing your own thing, expressing myself through my graffiti…

“When I used to skip school, I used to go in my parents garage, my mum worked for Wilkinsons. She would have big cardboard boxes and I’d break them up and paint on them graffiti style. When you get into being a teenager, you run with a different crowd and it evolved that way.  I moved onto canvass paintings,bigger and bolder with more structure. I moved to Antwerp for 9 years, lived there and painted there. ”

Hans recently returned to the UK and the exhibition is the result of his work over the last eight months. He says that one image can take 6-7 weeks to do.  “I’m self taught by the way . People are saying more now that its my creativity that’s being shown off… Its not about the money, or an agent or a gallery, I like doing it.”


The exhibition runs until Saturday 13th August


Thanks to Kate Northcott for photos and interview

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