After winning Best newcomer last year,  a category that was specially created by the judges to mark Hoole’s achievement, Hoole is competing once again in the Great British High Street awards.

Sue Mason of community group Notting Hoole : “One thing we lacked last year was a positive brand for Hoole. The Notting Hoole brand is the name of the team but we never pushed it, some people hated it, some people loved it.  So we came up with the “Hoole Life” brand, with eat, shop, stay as the tagline” . The team are currently putting together a video of Blur’s “Parklife” with altered Hoole themed lyrics.

Since last years award, the Hoole football tournament and community barbecue events have doubled in size, and the team have produced a range of  Hoole branded shopping bags, as well as a staging a hugely successful street festival.

Karamba Samba and Chester the Cat at the Hoole May festival

“Deliverhoole” is also a new delivery scheme, which allows people to have access to independent independent businesses out of trading hours. Notting Hoole have also been sharing their knowledge with Handbridge to support their Christmas light switch on event.

Proud Hoole residents

.Linda Hobbs of Notting Hoole said that the new campaign is generating a buzz around Hoole again, with “everyone talking about the passion and pride for the community” She says that the new logo, designed by We Love Leaflets was inspired by a sign outside the Faulkner, “bar/pub/restaurant” which they adapted as “eat/shop/stay”. “I think it sums up Hoole life”. Other enthusiastic Hoole campaigners include Glen Owen, who has lived in the area for 38 years, and beer blogger Katja Knox. Katja met her husband through their shared love of real ale and now runs  a monthly beer tasting session in Chester Beer and Wine with a different theme every month


The new Hoole branding designed by We Do Leaflets

Charles Street will feature prominently in events later this year as Linda Hobbs explained, saying that after some initial concern last year about vacant shops “it’s been lovely to see Kitchens by Anthony and GHQ pop up. They have come into the community with new and exciting shops, but they also support us and like to be involved in everything. With the new street festival in September, GHQ are going to host and after show party on Charles street, theres going to be tables and chairs on the street, with a really nice atmosphere.”

You can support the #GBHighSt  bid with the #HooleLife across all social media.

The Hoole street festival is on September 25th and the Christmas light switch on is November the 19th.

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  1. Really glad to read this. The new branding is much better – I never did like ‘Notting Hoole’ much. Too London for my taste…
    Its great to see residents and local businesses doing so much for the area. It’s fab to read about and I do miss living there. Go Hoole!

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