The Bandstand in Becnicks Wonder Emporium on Brook street is offering  music fans a place to discover new local acts as well as buy physical copies.  Carrie Hyndman, also known as Becnicks trader Junkbox, and band member with the popular Campfire Social explains :

“With the local music scene really thriving at the moment and so many amazing artists from the Chester & North Wales area, we wanted to provide a platform to get this awesome music out to the masses! In addition to the growing Open Mic scene of Chester we wanted to provide the public with somewhere they can check out new music at their leisure.

Evoking the record shops of a bygone era, the listening post in Becnicks

“The Bandstand features a listening post where you can ‘try before you buy’ and although it’s not huge theres plenty of room to sit back, relax & enjoy some of what the local music scene has to offer!  Unless you’re going to a gig theres no opportunity to buy a physical copy. I thought it would be really nice for people to find some new music and look at where the bands are playing and go and see them! ”

Retro: cassette tapes from local bands

Theres no rules about inclusion on the wall she says , saying it is for “everybody” to use. “At the moment its limited to people who have physical music to sell but potentially we could look at people selling their music on bandcamp and we can have their music on the ipod so people can hear them.

“We have got a whole host of different people, different genres, some of them have labels, some are completely independent and self funded.” So far you can buy music from:

Alx Green, Baby Brave, Campfire Social, Carl Foulkes-Jones, Chupa Cabra, Denuo, The Glendale Family, Heal the last stand, The Immediate, Jon Coley, Meilir, Mountainface, Mowbird, Peaness, The Revolutionary Spirit, Seazoo & Shem Sharples.

The bandstand in Becnicks

“This is only a small portion of the music out there. A whole host of bands I’ve spoken to don’t have any thing out at the moment. The Daymons and Mechanical Owl, both said to me that its given them a bit of a nudge to get something done! Its nice to be able to give people a place to come and appreciate what’s out there. ”

The Bandstand will be officially launched on Sunday evening at 5pm with an event in Becnicks. The evening will have live music from The Immediate, Baby Brave, Campfire Social, Alx Green, Tom Durkin & Mountainface.  The event will run until 8pm with refreshments, freebies and special offers. Music fans can continue the party at the Telfords warehouse open mic hosted by Lizzy Farrall.










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