The disused park on George Street overlooking the canal is to be brought back to life as an opening up views of the city walls. The park has been closed for many years and is overgrown and unsightly , but will once again be open to the public by the end of the year. The new park will complement other improvements in the area including the King Charles’ tower gardens and provide a pleasant backdrop for people walking to Northgate street from the new bus interchange.

The first phase of the project will include management and maintenance of the existing trees and vegetation.  The second phase will reinstate the park , providing historical background whilst also preserving wildlife habitat.

Resident quote provider  Louise Gittins of Cwac said that :

“George Street Pocket Park overlooks the best preserved section of the City Walls and sandstone cutting. The history associated with the site really is quite extraordinary.

“The Walls, viewed from the park follow the line of the original Roman northern defences.  Along this section of Walls one of the most important archaeological finds made in Chester occurred in the 19th century.  Between 1883 and 1892, over 150 Roman (sandstone) tombstones were found. They appear to have been used to repair the Walls. “

An arboriculture survey has been carried out by the Authority’s tree officer to identify both the numbers and species of trees present within the area and to assess their condition. The survey identified approximately 60 trees within the wider site and made recommendations in respect of future management and maintenance. The survey has identified 20 trees that need to be removed to allow the remaining trees to develop. These works will take place prior to the bird nesting season as required by law.

An avenue of lime trees forms a strong feature within the park and the concept design will enhance this feature, whilst improving views towards the City Walls. Pruning works will be undertaken to the lime avenue to ensure that they are retained in a safe condition with a view to preserving their attractiveness over the longer term.

In the autumn pathways and viewing platforms will be built opening up views of the area which have been obscured for years.

Heritage interpretation will be incorporated to tell the story of the site and enable a fuller appreciation of its historic importance. Significant areas of the wider site will have no public access and maintained to a lesser degree in order to encourage wildlife


George street park site.jpg
Improvements coming soon


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