The new bus station will soon be welcoming its first passengers with Park and Ride buses using the new £13 million facility from the 30th May, and all other bus operators on Monday 5th June. Construction on the new interchange begin back in October 2015 and the project overran by some months due to the need for repairs to drains and the concrete block which sits atop Gorse stacks.


Beneath the Sedum roof

The Sedum roof, which naturally changes colour as the seasons pass requires maintenance only once a year and is designed to improve energy efficiency and air quality by absorbing carbon dioxide and filtering dusts and pollution.




Entrance showing Cafe which will open at a later date



Entrance lobby to the station which will be open 24 hours a day

The new Interchange has 13 bus stands with an average of 90 buses per hour (there will be limited services operating between 10pm and 6am). Information screens will provide passengers with a live feed regarding arrival times. Passengers will also be able to access bus information via their phones using QR codes on signage in the station. As well as park and ride, national express services will also use the interchange.

Plenty of space for double deckers despite the online rumours


Inside the horseshoe, buses testing the facility have had no issues entering or manoeuvring

Graham Pink, Director of Commissioning Places and Commercial Management said: “Following the completion of construction work, the site has seen a lot of activity with staff familiarising themselves with the building. Bus operators have also had a chance to trial the new facilities and produce new timetables.”


In contrast to the current unpopular yellow shacks introduced in 2013 (one of which was famously repossessed in a row with the council over an unpaid bill) the new station will be luxurious in comparison, offering a range of passenger friendly facilities including a cafe and newsagent. Deals are being negotiated with two operators to provide these services, which will not be ready for the opening on June the 5th. The station will offer free Wifi ( for up to 50 people at a time) , toilets, changing facilities and an information desk. A free shuttle bus will run from the station to the town hall, every 15 minutes from 8-6 providing access to the Northgate end of town, including the market and recently opened Storyhouse. There will also be improved facilities for drivers including kitchen space and lockers.

Operators running services from the bus interchange will be; Arriva, Arrowebrook, Avon Buses, Aintree Coachline, D J Jones, National Express, Stagecoach and Townlynx. The rail link bus will also stop here before heading back through the city.

For a full list of bus services and routes see here:

Click to access 29061_3617_Foregate_St_Bus_Stops_Leaflet_19_May_2017.pdf



View from the bus station


The existing bus interchange  will close on the 4th June and the area will be hoarded off, freeing up development space for the forthcoming Northgate development.  The lower part of the Town Hall interchange will remain open for taxis and coaches.


A vintage bus tries out the new station



A vast improvement on the current bus station at last …




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  1. How warm will it be in here on a very cold winters day bearing in mind a good percentage of the passengers will be elderly. ?

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