The Interiors Shop on Castlecroft road, Westminster Park is a new venture from Rosalind Ellis, who moved from London to Chester two years ago.  Having spent many years working in property management and development as well as interior design, she decided to follow in her mother and grandmothers footsteps, with both of her relatives having run antique shops. “From being a little girl I’ve always  wanted my own shop” she says.  At the launch party attended by over 100 people including guest of honour Lord Mayor Razia Daniels, Rosalind told us about her vision for the business.



“I lived in London for 20 years. I lived in Hampstead, Highgate, Bloomsbury, Greenwich and Blackheath. I worked for the Grosvenor Estate and my other half works for the Estate. We were long distance through the years and one of us had to give in so I moved here. I haven’t regretted it because Chester is awesome!”


Rosalind is full of praise for her new home. “I don’t miss London at all. Now I’m here its fantastic its like the centre of the universe, its next to Liverpool and Manchester, Wales. Two hours to London its great.  I love the centre of Chester, and I worked for Grosvenor and they did Liverpool One. I think places like Liverpool One have been the death of Chester because its not how people want to shop now, they want to wander and eat.. So we need the Northgate regeneration ASAP! I did look at a unit on Northgate street but at the moment the rents are so high and considering that it could turn into a building site.. And then I’ve heard ARBOL house is closing down. ”

The Interiors Shop will offer new and vintage goods curated by Rosalind and reflecting her eclectic taste. “It’s  Its pure interiors although I’ve veered off into “lifestyle” with candles, bubble bath etc,  they’re all to enhance your interior space.  I’m not gonna turn into a gift shop , its all to do with living space. I have over 20 suppliers , logistically its complicated but it gives that emporium vibe. I like a shop where you dont know where to look !”

The store is open Tues to Sat 9-6

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