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“I keep finding buttons and pins everywhere” jokes owner Amanda Stein of the new market eatery, Steins, which will be opening soon in the former Jim’s haberdashery unit. Jim’s which had been trading in the market for 60 years closed last year (see   Amanda has worked in catering all her life, along with 3 sisters and a brother, whom all inherited their love of the food trade from their mother.

Steins will be offering home cooked food and hopes to offer “something different” with members of the public encouraged to submit sweet and savoury recipes for consideration on the menu. Says Amanda:

“I had a business over in Wales and was travelling an hour every day, each way and I thought it would be nice to have something at home. I happened to meet Clyde ( owner of Crustum) and I helped them open up . I liked the atmosphere and thought it would be nice to be in here. Its an opportunity for me to do what I want to do, before I was working in a conference centre doing buffets and dinners. Here it gives me a free hand.


“I want to sell home cooked food and we will have a bit of Tapas as well. ” The menu will include options such as lasagne, cottage pie and paninis.  Home made milkshakes and waffles are another speciality. With the market having recently secured an alcohol license , Steins will be serving wine and beer sourced from a brewer in Bala. Amanda was given a vintage cookbook from a neighbouring trader when she arrived in the market. “This was a chap who went all over the country taking recipes from wherever he went. Its all their favourite recipes.” Welsh leek porridge is one recipe Amanda is going to adapt from the cookbook.


Of the changes made to the market in recent months, Amanda is positive. ” I am one of those that never came in. Its good what they’ve done, especially for me personally, because its given me an opportunity without the massive overheads . Hopefully it helps the other stalls because we’re bringing people in. ” She hopes that word of mouth will help to continue the market revival, which has been boosted by several new quality traders including the popular Stile Napoletano (See  ) Amanda is also aiming to transfer to the proposed new market, which will be open much later into the night.

“It feels like its starting to buzz a bit. I wouldn’t normally come in , but now  I’d go and sit and have a glass of wine at Crustum, or a coffee. I would never have done it before. Hopefully there will be a younger generation , we have got milkshakes and snazzy sandwiches and the pizzas..  Come in and try something different!”

Steins are aiming to open this Saturday (7th July) Recipe ideas can be submitted to

Steins_foodstall on Instagram

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