update: this business has ceased trading

wRaps and Records is a new dessert shop/vinyl spot at 5 City Walls near to the Northgate. Open in the former Tea on the Walls unit, owner Nicholas Friar is aiming to create a cool vibe partnering a music inspired setting with innovative dessert options.

5 City Walls

“The idea is, you come in and you can flick through the records, a bit of everything. You pick the record you want, throw it on…

“Its not the kind of place you come if you’re on a diet! ” says Nicholas who has formerly worked at Bar Lounge, The Suburbs and the Chefs Table. He met his business partner when they were opening 9 Elephants, another recent addition to the independent scene on Northgate street.

“The main item on the menu is Hong Kong style bubble waffles. ” says Nicholas. Using waffle makers imported from China, waffle batter is shaped and used a wrap around the various sweet fillings.

Pic: Wraps and Records


The twist is that customers will be able to select their own vinyl soundtrack and also assemble their own “record contract” selecting the ingredients for their dessert. An over the top “platinum sellers” list will offer various specials including novelty toppings such as edible banknotes and marmalade ice-cream ” We are going to play with other things. Theres a Korean craze at the moment for shaved ice. Ice cream sandwiches will be a big one we’re doing. Our icecream supplier is Backford Belles.”  Gluten free and vegan options will also be included.

Nicholas and his business partner had their first viewing just 10 weeks ago. “Its been  such a quick turnaround that we’re still developing ideas.  We will be pen early afternoon until 9-10pm. We want to be a bit playful with the drinks, so we’re doing things like an Atomic Strawberry Slushie, topped with sparkling rose wine. We’ll be doing Heads, Shoulders, Mojitos– mint jelly rum and a lime slushie. I’m writing the recipe for a Serial Killer Colada- a Pina colada served in a bowl of cereal!

Nicholas hopes that Wraps and Records will have a wide appeal from the large student market, to tourists and families. “It’s for everybody really. Its a cool atmosphere for young families.”  Of their new home next to Rufus Court, Nicholas comments that “it felt like the right place to be” saying “the more people we bring this way the better. Theres a lot of good businesses opening here. Chris at Covino is a good friend of mine , and Alexanders is a live music venue and we’re quite music inspired as well.”


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