The evolution of Chester market continues with That Beer Place set to open in October, the market’s first ever bottle shop and taproom. Owners Lisa Lord and her husband Dale are pursuing their dream venture and will be stocking over 300 types of beer and as well as artisan gin, and wines.

“It will be stuff that’s a bit unusual, things like Mexican wine. “We’re all about creating an experience and giving people something they haven’t experienced before, and opening their minds to the flavours out there. There are loads of flavours that people don’t even know exist, coffee, vanilla, marshmallow! There’s even beer that tastes like wine!”

Coming soon to Chester market 

Of the rise in the craft beer market she says that , “about 15 years ago we started to realise how many beers were out there. We went to San Francisco, went to a bar and there was 40 beers on tap! Slowly its got more and more popular and its exploded in the last 5 years.  Instead of mass market produced beers, you’ve got beer made by small craft brewers who are putting interesting ingredients in . Its like putting a recipe together and producing something amazing at the other side. People like Heineken will have a homogenous recipe and they don’t change it.”

The former bed shop unit will house That Beer Place with an extensive renovation currently under way. There will be 6 taps rotating different beers, with German beer  benches for drinkers. “We’d been looking for somewhere for a couple of years and there were various challenges with different properties. We came in one day to get a pizza and saw a TO LET sign. The price was right. ” Lisa aims to supplement the day trade by offering online orders and home delivery and is keen to host collaborative and networking events with other market traders.  Also in the pipeline are beer and food matching events, to show customers how beer and food can complement each other and enhance a meal. These events will also showcase the range of produce available from the market.

Of the name Lisa says ” We just thought that conversationally it works! We had loads of other names before that. It should be something accessible to everyone.  We are looking towards the new market and that’s a big reason for us being here. Somebody has to have some vision and hope. If this market can prove to be a success it will bring the development forward. ”










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