IMG_20181124_093519.jpgTeaching assistant Debbie Groom is behind Just Footprints, a waste/plastic free shop opening in the Forum soon.

“My daughter has been interested in the environment for a while and as a family we try to do what we can with recycling. My daughter did some work experience in Cornwall with Surfers against Sewage so we decided to become more proactive. Down there they have more of this kind of shop.

Debbie has been working with other environmental groups in the area including Friends of the Earth and Dr Christian Dunn’s Straw Free Chester campaign. She has also signed up to the zoo’s sustainable palm oil campaign.

“We want to offer people a choice. It’s not easy. We went to the supermarket to do the weeks shop and all we came away with was 2 peppers and some mushrooms! ”

Debbie says that there are many small ways people can make a difference. The spacious store which has been fitted out with recycled floors, pallets and even paint, will offer a wide range of loose goods .Customers will be able to bring their own containers or use paper bags to purchase dried fruit, nuts, pasta, rice , flour and more . There will be a gluten free offering also . Items such as herbs and spices will be available to purchase by the teaspoon if required for recipes “rather than have to buy a whole packet ” . Loose leaf tea and locally sourced coffee beans are also going to be available.  A refill station for household cleaning products and toiletries will complete the offering .

Aiming to open in a week’s time , the store will also have a small meeting space where talks and workshops can take place . Of the location in the Forum, Debbie admits she was unsure but it is happy with the location next to the revived market . “The more people we can get in this area the better .

“Come and talk to us, I’m not preachy but if someone says they can change one thing this month it’s great !”





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