Fair Trade fortnight at Chester market

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As part of Fair Trade fortnight a stall staffed by volunteers from the Fairtrade Steering group has been a big  hit with visitors to the city’s reenergised market hall. Offering a range of Fair Trade products, the team have been offering samples and boosting awareness of Cheshire West’s  achievement of being awarded a “Fairtrade borough” status.

Volunteers Heather Swainston and Kath Keegan

Cheshire West was originally awarded Fair Trade status in 2011 and this was recently reviewed .  Products with the Fair Trade mark mean that producers have been paid a fair price, have better working conditions, and are part of a long term stable trading relationship. Fairtrade is noted for its work with disadvantaged farmers in the developing world. The council are committed to the Fair Trade resolution meaning that they will, working with the Steering Group, promote Fair Trade products wherever possible , as well as working with retailers to help support the provision of Fair Trade products for customers.

Chris Matheson lends his support

Enthusiastic volunteer Heather Swainston told us that :  “on the market stall we have Chester Fair Trade, who are based in the Wesley centre,  And Albert (Eastgate row) and also Chifundo selling Malawian arts and craft.  The stall is open for the full 2 weeks and we’ve had it covered by volunteers. Visitors have been sampling the food and talking to us about Fair Trade . Last week over 200 people visited the stall. Its been really sociable and a great way of spreading awareness. Chris Matheson has visited us and the leader of the council Sam Dixon. All of the market traders have made us feel really welcome. ”


Items for sale on the stall include tea, coffee, chocolate, dried fruit herbs and Easter eggs alongside eco cup, bags, candles and musical instruments.

The stall will be open until the 10th March and will be open late on Friday night (8th March)

For more info visit https://www.fairtrade.org.uk/




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