The Invader’s Guide to the Museum

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Visitors to the Grosvenor Museum may be surprised by some quirky additions to the displays, with “invading” items spread throughout the building. The work of artist David Ferry, the exhibition includes colourful contemporary items splashed across the period house to more subtle additions hiding in plain sight, including some modern garden ornaments nestling amidst the Roman stones gallery.  The artist is known for his work creating collages by adding extra pictures to travel and history books, creating a surreal twist on national heritage. This method has been used on a larger scale with the museum as a full scale canvas.

Fun and games in the Victorian Parlour 

The additions to the period house are the most striking, transforming the scenes into a twisted mix of the past and present, with empty prosecco bottles and used scratch cards littering the previously staid historic scenes.  The kitchen has been given a Bake off twist with the maid listening to headphones, and the parlour now includes “Thelma” and “Louise” celebrating a hen party complete with blow up doll and cocktails.




“Home Bingo 4U” 

The day nursery has been given a “Blackpool rocks” makeover, covered in souvenirs and tourist tat, whilst in the schoolroom the stern teacher is conducting a lesson in Bingo numbers. Look out for the model pound shop van on the mantelpiece…

“The lonely man considers his fate” 

The Georgian Dining room, retitled “Mid life crisis” features the sole occupant wired up to various juxtaposed modern devices, slumped in front of a 26″ TV with empty ready meal cartons scattered on the floor.


David Ferry: The Invader’s Guide to the Museum (and other places) is a fun twist on an old favourite and well worth exploring for an amusing reflection on some universal themes.  It runs until the 2nd June.


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