Professional model and magician Nick Rea has returned to his home town after 13 years away, and has set himself a challenge to work a shift with as many local employers as possible with the aim of raising funds for the Countess of Chester and the Child Poverty Action Group.


Nick, who lived in Milan and New York, modelled for Gucci and other high end fashion companies, also performed magic for many celebrity clients. Feeling that he wanted to give something back, Nick set up his charity challenge:  “For at least one hour, each day of the working week I will give up my time to work for local businesses, post a video about what they do, and donate my wages to the charities”. He has set up a GoFundMe account for anyone that wishes to support his efforts.

“I have a lot of friends with businesses, so I thought how can I support my friends as well as help children who are in need. I’m working for these people and promoting them via my social media, doing videos about what they do. By doing these jobs I can gain experience and share that with other people and  I’m promoting local independent businesses.”

So far, Nick has worked with various businesses in the market including The Belt Man, Ian’s 5 a day, SJ Cartridge (fishmongers), Bookingham Palace and Nice Bites. He will be working at Leonidas chocolate shop and also doing a lecture to fashion students at the university of Chester.

Nick learned how to gut and scale fish at SJ Cartridge in the market
Learning about fruit and veg at Ian’s Five a Day in the market

Of his career as a model and magician he says :  “I was scouted as a model on the streets of Manchester when I was at university. I went to Milan where I started working for companies like Gucci.  I stopped doing magic for a while until I moved to New York. I picked it back up when I went to theatre school. I was pursuing my magic career which made me realise how much bringing smiles to people’s faces meant. Once I got pretty good at magic, I realised I wanted to share it with my friends and family which is another reason why I wanted to come home. At the end of the challenge I hope to do a charity magic show in the children’s ward at the Countess of Chester hospital, and hopefully an event in the market. ” He says that Chester has changed a lot in 13 years but he loves the city because of its history and theatricality

“The market has changed a lot, I’ve known Stu from Nice Bites since I was a teenager. I’m working at the Book Shop today, then Tea Islands. We’re  making our own blend of “ChariTEA”.  Theres a company in Chester called Alex Monroe, they make tea sets, and I am doing a video with them at the Chester Grosvenor where I explain how to make the perfect pot of tea.  Hopefully I’m going to get the Grosvenor to stock the charity tea!”

Nick says he is looking for interesting jobs with local employers:

“I’m still looking out for different jobs! I’d love to shovel elephant poo at the zoo! I hope that business owners can recognise the good intent and see the positivity and use me to give them a platform for networking. By doing good things it makes you feel good, and hopefully that’s the message we can spread by doing this! 

“The first card trick I learned was when I was in Oliver Twist at the Gateway theatre. I was 9 years old and I was a pickpocket in Fagin’s gang. It’s seeing the joy on peoples faces that propels me to do it. If we can retain some mystery in life, it keeps it special. That’s why I love this challenge because everyday is different and I learn something new every day!”

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