The excitement was palpable as StoryHouse Chester’s production of Peter Pan welcomed an eager mix of generations ready to escape into the magical world of Neverland – a much needed escape given the cold darkness of the winter nights.

Peter Pan, directed by Martin Constantine and written by Gary Owen was a treat for the senses, as the stages swiss watch intricacy wove over, under, and around an enthralled audience. Music was used excellently throughout the performance, with the musicians themselves becoming an increasingly integral part of the production as it went on.

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The theatre was transformed, both literally and figuratively, as the stage extended into Storyhouse’s normal ground floor seating. This had the effect of really involving the audience with the action, and the director’s use of space blurred the lines between reality and Neverland. Characters used the auditorium entrances, flew from the sky, and emerged from trapdoors in a way that really utilised Storyhouse’s unique space, and further emphasised the surreal feel.

The play stuck to the basics of the original story of Peter Pan, a free-spirited and mischievous young boy who can fly and never grows up, while also providing a fresh and original take on the century-old tale. James Phoon, who could previously be seen in the West End’s Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, lights up the stage as ‘the best boy in the world’. He played the part with confidence and bravado, while still suggesting a darker side to the boy with no shadow. Carlie Enoch was similarly charismatic in the role of Tinker Bell, bringing some much needed grounding to Peter’s arrogance with her Welsh wit and charm.

A heart-warming rendition of a much loved classic fairy-tale story, told with impressive technical detail and staging. Dreams do come true.​

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