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Vintage travel themed bar and tastings venue is now boarding in Chester Market after opening in December. Run by the experienced duo of James Nicolian and his partner Kate, the venue combines retro travel décor and a fun taste of drinks from all over the world.


“This is our first static location” says James, who has run tasting events and pop ups all over the world including Sydney, Ibiza and Barcelona as well as many corporate events.  He previously managed The Egerton Arms in Little Budworth and won Best Pub in Cheshire during his 7 year stint in Chester.  “”We are a liquor store, bottle shop, and tasting room/bar. You turn up for a 90 minute session on your chosen love, and you get 6 half sized drinks. We tell you a bit about the romance and history and culture of that country, and that at the end you can buy a bottle to take home. ”


“The travel aspect is key.  Yes we weave it in, we like to take people to places!” The décor resembles the interior of a plane echoing the theme of the Booze Club. ” We like to transport people to somewhere they like going . People are struck in their drinking habits, so its nice to try something different. One of my favourite ones is the Peckham Del /Boy experience. You get to try all the crap drinks from Only Fools and Horses!” he jokes.  “The Gin tasting is our most popular, we do a World Rum tasting. we do a “Candy is Dandy but liquor is quicker” which is liqueurs and sweets. Its fun, not a long drawn out experience. Generally we’re just here to give people a nice time. ”



Exotic Booze Club offers drinks offers in the day time including doubles for singles between 12 and 5 every day, as well as student tasting events. Of his new home, James comments that ” “the markets really cool, we all seem to get along. Its getting busier and there is plenty of business to go around, people are still getting to know us. People can eat in here , the other stalls provide the food, which is really nice. ” He hopes to expand the brand across the UK and beyond in the future but is happy being back in Chester a place he now calls home. “I love Chester, no matter where I’ve gone in the world I’ve always wanted to come back!  This is definitely where its at ! ”


Exotic Booze Club is open 11-5 Monday to Thurs. Late nights Friday and Sat


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