The new Chester Market, now expected to open in summer 2022 at the heart of the long delayed Northgate development will feature a new branding and a logo incorporating a wild boar inspired by the site’s Roman heritage

The new brand has been designed to be “distinctive, memorable and exuberant” and “inspired by Chester’s heritage combined with a modern touch.” The Northgate site is rich in Roman history, much of it built by the XX Legion, whose symbol was a wild boar. Their storerooms and barracks were beneath where the new market will be built so it is fitting that their legacy is honoured. Once a familiar sight and food source in Cheshire, wild boars were sadly hunted to extinction by the Normans following their invasion in 1066.The brand colours are also inspired by Chester’s past, with shades drawn from the city’s sandstone walls, a Viking copper brooch found on the Northgate site. The typography is inspired by the text on the demolished Victorian market building facade and the elaborate Edwardian type of the Westminster Coach Works, which will remain as the new arcade entrance to the Northgate development.

The new market manifesto outlines a vision for a “modern traditional market” that builds on the recent revival and amplify the experience with more traders, more variety and more space to enjoy it all.

Corporate branding for the new market

For more details see: and on social media links via the website. The process of recruiting traders to the new market will commence in January 2021 . Anyone wishing to take space in the new market should contact the letting agents Barker Proudlove: and existing traders will be actively encouraged and supported to make the transition to the new market as part of the selection process.

Leader of Cheshire West and Chester Council, Louise Gittins said: “Now that the long-awaited Northgate Phase 1 scheme is underway, I am pleased to unveil the new branding which looks forwards to a new phase in the city’s trading history as we create a modern, traditional market for Chester. “I am committed to ensuring we take the best of the current market and introduce many new, fresh and exciting features to extend the range goods and services available – summed up by the new market’s slogan of Foods-Goods-Fun.” Councillor Stuart Parker, Conservative Group Member of the Northgate Members Working Group, said: “I am delighted to see plans launched for the new market; this will be an exciting new chapter in Chester’s history so it is especially pleasing to see the Northgate site’s heritage being referenced in the branding.” Goods have been traded in Chester for over 2,000 years.

Although the setting for the new market will be modern in design and construction, Chester’s market charter was granted in 1159. Markets were originally hosted on the streets and Rows, with the focus in Market Square, outside the current Forum entrance. The site of the new market has seen every part of Chester’s history, from housing Roman barracks and stores, to Saxon houses, Viking raiders, Medieval streets, Church missions, schools, a foundry and most recently the Town Hall bus interchange.

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