Get Russ Abbot to Christmas #1

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A campaign has been launched by 2 radio presenters at University Radio Nottingham (URN) to catapult Chester Legend Russ Abbot’s classic party anthem “Atmosphere” to the top of the charts.

As 2020 grinds to a depressing halt, DJ’s George Scotland and Damian Stephen are aiming to put a smile back on everyone’s faces with a revival of the iconic track released by one of Chester’s most famous sons back in 1984. Especially moving in the days of social distancing and bans on social mixing, the song offers a slice of pure musical Prozac in troubled times as Russ sings of his love for a party with a “happy atmosphere” and “music everywhere”.

In a statement the campaigning DJS said that they felt “getting a novelty pop song from 1984” to the Christmas top spot would be a perfect end to a dreadful surreal year:

“We think the prospect of two lads in their mid 20s that should even be remotely familiar with the song gives it that extra uniqueness. People can get involved through retweeting and sharing our page as much as possible. Simply getting the word out!! Also December 18th midnight through till December 24th 11:59pm Stream as much as you can off Spotify and YouTube and download off amazon for 0.99p! “

The pair have already made contact with Russ’ family who have endorsed the campaign via Russ’ official facebook page. “We’re also in touch with industry insiders in our quest to make the campaign at the forefront of public imagination. We urge the people of Chester to get behind our campaign and help make Russ number 1 ! Liam Gallagher’s song is OK but we need something uplifting after the year we’ve all experienced. Yes we both grew up watching repeats of Russ at Christmas time with our parents! The people of Chester we need you and we love you. Please get on board!!”

Spotify link Atmosphere – song by Russ Abbot | Spotify

facebook link (2) Russ Abbots ‘Atmosphere’ for Christmas No1 2020 Urn Campaign | Facebook

amazon link Atmosphere by Russ Abbot on Amazon Music –

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