Gary Usher opened his first restaurant , the celebrated Sticky Walnut in Hoole in 2011. His company Elite Bistros now operates several restaurants across the North West.

1)How are you ? Been better

2) Who is your hero ? My dad. Always wanted to be like my dad.

3)What would be the title of your autobiography ? A chav cook.

4) Fav film of all time and why ? Jesus there’s too many. I love films so much. I’d say Daniel day Lewis is probably the person I like watching the most but not necessarily in my favourite films. He’s so fucking intense I love it.

5) What would you sing on karaoke night ? Coconut.

6)What one thing would you change about Chester ? I’d bring the original Francs back.

7) Who would play you in the movie of your life ? Warwick Davis

8) What 3 items would you take to a desert island ? Honestly nothing.

9) Name 3 things you hate? Parking tickets, snobs & tequila.

10) What is the greatest memory of your life ? Flying to Ibiza on my own with a one way ticket when I was 18.

11) which person living or dead would you take for an independent coffee or drink ? My grandad was a chef but died before I became one & I would love to take him for a beer in one of the bistros.

12) What advice would you give to your younger self ? Be yourself more.

13) If you could choose one superpower what would it be ? I’d just like to be able to do my times table to be honest.

14) If you could time travel, where/when would you go ? New York in the 70’s.

15) Name 3 things you love Chicken, butter & beer.

16) Describe your perfect day My perfect day would probably be on a holiday. Waking up going to the beach & having lunch in a cafe with lovely wine & fresh fish, sat gazing at the sea

17)Why do fools fall in love ? Fuck knows.

18) What is the way forward for the hospitality industry ? The hospitality industry is absolutely fucked. I want to be positive but there’s going to be a lot more devastation with jobs & businesses. Local places should be ok. Suburban operators will have a good chance with loyalty from their regulars to make it through. City centre establishments are fucked.

19) What is your favourite place in Chester ? We walk our dog billy down by the dukes estate. I think it’s called Eccleston the area & it’s so beautiful down there. Also love brook st & all it’s indies Spice of Asia, Moss coffee, Si in the Turkish barber.

20. How do you feel about the future? Dunno x

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