Guroma now open in the Market

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Welcome to the market !

Bangladeshi street food is the latest addition to the trading community at Chester Market.

Owner Shaf Sharif , whose family are originally from Bangladesh has lived in Chester all his life. The inspiration for the business was the popularity of his mother’s cooking amongst his friends. After a time away at university in Leeds, he returned to Chester about two years ago and was very impressed by the new look market.

“I was amazed by the whole place. I messaged the market management but didn’t hear back for a year when a place became available. Guroma means “little mum” in my mother tongue , its completely after my mum. What you see in the specials box, is what you’d see on my plate at home, its traditional as it can be. It just started from my mates being crazy about my family’s food! My siblings and extended family would come from far and wide to try my mum’s food. All of the other Indian restaurants in Chester are run by Bengali’s, they don’t server Bangladeshi food, and that was one of the things I wanted to change ”

“We offer lamb, chicken and veg. The food offer is customisable with choices of main, side, starter , rice and a sauce. We also sell vegan street food . I think if it wasn’t for the market we wouldn’t be having this conversation, its been so accessible. I really love the community feel here, there are 20-30 businesses here and all of them are so helpful, its like an encyclopaedia on how to run a business. I wouldn’t be here opening the business without the support of my friends, family and everyone in here. We’ve only been open two hours, its been good so far. Today is a test run for Friday and Saturday when we know its going to be busy. We have applied for the new market, fingers crossed, and I think its going to be a great step up , and its going to be good being part of that history!”

Food from Guroma: assorted curries, two types of chicken curry, fried shrimp botha, fried fish, fish curry and a spinach dish

Guroma are open 11:30 am – 4:00 pm Monday – Thursday and 11:30 am – 7:00 pm Friday – Saturday

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