Grosvenor park tribute to NHS and key workers

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This year’s floral display in Grsovenor Park, recently completed by the Council’s Street Care Team is themed around “Covid recovery” and pays tribute to NHS staff and all key workers.

The display aims to lift the mood and spirit of those who visit the park through its bright and colourful planting, including the “Rainbow of Hope Arch” covered in rainbow coloured ribbons.  Willow hearts with ribbons and a sculpture of a doctor in action also form part of the display and are surrounded by red, white and blue flowers.

 Lord Mayor Chester, Councillor Martyn Delaney; local ward member, Councillor Samantha Dixon; BACK ROW: Michelle Markert (Locality Officer); Caroline Jones, Consultant Nurse, Community Nursing; Andy Worral (StreetCare); Susannah Burke, Clinical Lead, Physiotherapist; Dave Walker (StreetCare), Rebecca Irving (Greenspaces Development Officer); Mandy Lloyd, Clinical Lead, Community Nursing

The Council’s Environmental Commissioning team worked on the project with local artist Sarah Gallagher-Hayes, who runs her own company, Twigtwisters. Sarah also created the VE day sculptures that featured in the park last summer.

Councillor Martyn Delaney, Lord Mayor Chester said: “This week has seen the first NHS, Social Care and Frontline Workers’ Day – a chance for us to show our gratitude to all NHS and frontline staff.  It also provided an opportunity to reflect on all those who have lost loved ones to this dreadful disease.

“The display also recognises the increased importance of our parks and greenspaces for giving us a way to connect with one another, sharing community spirit and spending time with loved ones, friends and family in a safe environment.

“I’d like to thank our park operations team and all the volunteers who have played an important part in creating these wonderful floral displays around the sculptures.  I’m sure our residents and visitors will really enjoy the sculptures and flowers but will also recognise our appreciation of everything NHS staff and all key workers have done for our country.”

Twigtwisters – Willow Sculptures & Willow Work Courses

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