Fresh Pots Food House now open in the market

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Another new trader has joined the market and is aiming to make an impact in the remaining months before the building closes in October. Fresh Pots Food House have taken over the former Peak Sandwiches unit (next to the Lego display) and is offering “healthy and tasty food on the go”.

Owner Tony Beverley

The enthusiastic business owner Tony Beverley comes to the market after 21 years working as a Bingo manager at various venues including Wrexham and Chester. “I decided I needed to do something different. We live in Chester, originally from London. I was walking through town and couldn’t find anywhere that serves fresh food , and something lighter so you’re not spoiling your tea. I decided that what was I wanted to do !

I’d been looking for a shop on Northgate street for months and been unsuccessful, an offer did fall through at some point. I had been in the market chatting to the butcher (Joinson’s) because I knew I wanted to use his sausages and he said that there was going to be a free unit. I went straight to the office and showed them my business plan and they said yes. 3 weeks I took over, I knocked out the old wood cladding and put in new surfaces and redid the flooring.

Pork Tenderloin on Fragrant Basmati rice

All the dishes are served in sustainable packaging with wooden cutlery. Fresh Pots Food House use no single us plastics. The mix of simple dishes gives Tony the scope to ” go all over the world and I try and be as inclusive as possible, theres gluten free, theres low fat, I can tell people exactly what’s in the food. Theres all kinds but predominantly things that I like that are tasty. Our winning dish is Indonesian chicken satay.”

Of his background in cooking he says: “I have always been social when I was younger I was working in pubs and hospitality and that got me into bingo. We have parties at home , and everything in my life seemed to come together : I could cook …my mum walked out when I was ten, my dad couldn’t cook so if I didn’t cook I didn’t eat! I became a really good cook, i love food and having a good time and this place gives you the chance to do it all!”

Tony praises the social aspect of the market which has thrived since the introduction of the food court and late night openings in 2018. “When customers come and sit at the bar, its like being at home with my friends, its a good buzz. All of the traders have welcomed me. I like that customers can order from different food traders and sit in the middle, theres no barrier to anyone The building is old and tired but brilliant at the same time. I’ve been trying different foods , I tried the Punjabi food , its so different. I have never been a vegan , but I have eaten three times so far at Vegan house, the kebab they do is just as tasty but it didn’t give me heartburn for three days! “

With around 5 months left of the current market, Tony is hoping his period in the market will be a success and help him reach his goal of opening a shop on Northgate street. ” I was too late to apply for a place in the new market. I’m building my brand and get people to know what we offer. As people are trying it, they’re loving it! “

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