Green Party and Rejoin EU Party announce Election candidates

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Two more candidates have been announced for the Parliamentary By- Election on December 1st. The deadline for nominations is today at 4pm.

For the Rejoin EU Party party leader Richard Hewison is standing, to challenge Labour’s
“implausible “make Brexit work” policy.” Party Chairman Andrew Smith said ahead of Hewison’s nomination: “Labour supports almost all of the government’s policies that have exacerbated the cost-of-living crises. They are just too scared to stand up for the country and for a better future with Europe”

Local Rejoin EU party activist John Falch added:
“Labour consistently avoided the Europe question, they have dismissed the importance of strong bonds with Europe in favour of pleasing a minority of its voter base. While the people of Chester face a cost of living crisis made worse by Brexit, Labour has kept quiet.” We are targeting neglected Tory, Labour and Lib Dem voters disgruntled at their usual party’s tacit approval and collaboration with the disastrous Vote Leave Cronie Government. It is time for change, time to show conservatives and opposition parties what Chester really thinks. We demand a rethink on Europe, we need to Rejoin the EU.”

The party state that ” Chester is widely regarded as a Labour safe seat and is not expected to change hands. The Rejoin EU
party will use this by-election to make a stand against Starmer’s weak pro-Brexit Europe policy.
Candidate Richard Hewison commented:
“The Rejoin EU Party wants to send a strong message to Labour. By promoting a meaningful relationship with Europe that will appeal to core Labour supporters they can offer the public a genuine alternative offer. Every single person in Chester who votes for us will help strengthen that message” Labour think they’ve got the next election in the bag, but unless they start speaking up for the millions suffering under Brexit bureaucracy, they run the risk of alienating a significant chunk of their voter base. We hope concerned voters in Chester who might usually support Labour use this opportunity to show labour where their priorities lie”
Local Chester resident & voter Peter Forster-Dean welcomed the Rejoin EU Party’s presence in the by-election:
“This election is a chance for Chester to change the direction of British politics. With Rejoin EU standing there is a chance to let this great city show it demands more from the Labour Party. I hope they will spend the next month working with locals to make sure Labour is listening and puts a real Europe policy that benefits us on the agenda”

For the Green Party Councillor Paul Bowers has been selected as the Chester By-Election candidate.

  Paul is a local family man, Cheshire West and Chester Councillor and veteran environmental campaigner. Paul grew up and was educated in Chester and now lives in Tarvin with his family. As a painter and decorator by trade, he fully understands first hand, the effects that the current cost of living crisis is having on working families across the city.  For over a decade, Paul Bowers has been an active campaigner in the local area, actively standing up for the people of Cheshire against Fracking, air quality and most recently the residents affected by the Hynet Blue Hydrogen programme supported by both local Labour and Conservative Parties. He is regularly a positive voice of reason in Cheshire West Council meetings guided by the community and not the party whips.  Paul led the way in 2019 when he was elected as the first ever Green Councillor in Cheshire with a huge 54.78% of the vote, and since then, along with supporting his ward, he has used this new platform to stand up for active travel in Chester and has served as the Deputy Chair of the Climate Taskforce.  Paul says ‘Having lived in Chester most of my life, it has become clear that we need a braver, fairer and cleaner vision for our city’.  Paul Bowers will fight for the environment,  Paul Bowers will fight for your jobs and families,  Paul Bowers will fight for the City of Chester. 

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