Election 22: Chris Quartermaine of the Freedom Alliance Party

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1.Tell us about yourself and why you’re standing

Have lived in Chester for nearly 5 years. I ran the Granary health shop for 42 years. In April 2020 I realised immediately that the Covid narrative was completely wrong and joined likeminded people. Freedom Alliance is an offshoot of those groups

2.What qualities can you bring to the role of MP ?

no political experience but a lot of business experience and also a lot of understanding about what is really going on

3.How would you assess the record of the current Government ?

utterly appalling and also utterly corrupt

4,What would be your 3 main priorities for Chester ?

 a. Support for small businesses 

    b. Concern for disabled in Chester

     c. Make taxation fair. An end to international monopolies avoiding tax

5.How would you support constituency SMEs through the economic crisis ?

by doing 4c

6 .What works well in Chester ?

No idea, sorry

7. What doesn’t work well in Chester and how could you improve it?

 the city planning system. Not sure an mp has that power

8. What steps should Chester take towards relieving the climate crisis ? How would you encourage green investment ?

bad question. There is no climate crisis, only a ‘problem, reaction, solution’ crisis. (See Georg Hegel). I would encourage investment in all energy solutions. ‘Green investment’ is very rarely green.

9.Do you support sending asylum seekers to Rwanda?

if it would solve the problem, yes. I doubt it would thoug

10. How has Brexit affected Chester and how could we maximise any current/future benefits?

No idea

11,What are your aspirations for the next phase of the Northgate development?

having worked in Northgate st for many years, I am very disillusioned by the takeover by cafes and restaurants. It seems like the council wants only tourists and trippers in town

12. How can we better maintain and support the city walls , in particular the collapse of 2020 which remains unrepaired?

No idea

13.Dee House remains in a state of disrepair, how could we speed up progress on this divisive issue?

14.Would you support the Ginger E scooter trial being made permanent ?

15. Our former MP said he would fight the closure of the Countess with every drop of blood in his body – do you enjoy the same level of conviction? 

16.What are your views on the future use of Chester castle ?

17.How would you tackle the further regeneration of the rows?

18. What support could you offer to Chester FC?

questions 13-18 candidate offered no response.

19. What is your definition of a woman?

 bad question. The amount of ‘boys’ wanting to detransition shows that this is a social construct, and body dysmorphia has much to do with it. It is also my opinion that pesticides and hormones in the water supply are strongly connected

20. What are your views on a form of proportional representation for Parliament and House of Lords reform?

 PR is the only way this country can move beyond the corruption inherent in the current system

21.What are your views on the cost of parking in the city particularly the new Market Car Park ?

I don’t know enough about it

22.How would you improve transport links to the city? Manchester/London/Flintshire etc. Also rural transport links 

I don’t know enough about it

23. What are your views on an English assembly/ Parliament ?

Not in favour

24.What are your hopes for the local housing market ?

No experience in this area

25. How would you tackle the increasing number of street drug/drink users?

No experience in this area

26.The Chester constituency has a collection of varied wards , some affluent, some not, how would you bring economic equality to the city so all residents are involved in opportunities and investment ?

it’s the same in most Western countries. Not really addressable locally.

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