Chester Great and Small (GAS) aims to “make Chester Awesome”

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A brand-new collective, Chester Great And Small (GAS) has been created by a group of impassioned local businesspeople and stakeholders – with the single and simple objective of making Chester the most liveable city in Europe, and the vibrant hub of a dynamic and prosperous sub-region.

The GAS team has ambitious plans and key objectives. Founder members include Tim Kenney, Tony Swindells, Izzy Grey and Mike Hogg with Andy Farrall, Bense Burnett, Uná Meehan, Vanessa Bond, Lisa Curran and new supporters joining the movement daily.

Vicechair Tony Swindells said: ”GAS is a passionate and driven independent collective which has come together to create an overarching information-sharing platform. Each of your groups, companies, friends, residents and businesses can promote what they are doing across the city. We are fully committed to joining the dots of all initiatives, strategies, plans and campaigns across all sectors, and sharing them with everyone who cares about Chester. Our only agenda is to Make Chester Awesome. Come join the party!”

The GAS team wants Chester to be an inventive, inclusive, entrepreneurial and vibrant place where the conditions are laid down for city living to thrive for local businesses and local people.

The GAS message to Chester is; This is your one big chance to contribute to the new emerging One City Plan, and make sure that the people who live, play, work and learn in Chester have an opportunity to be involved in its shaping and delivery.

In addition to this call-to-action and the launch of the website and social media channels, GAS is asking all those who want to help Make Chester Awesome to save the date and join them at Storyhouse Garret Theatre on Friday 24th March at 5 pm where they will share a series of fantastic initiatives, opportunities and ideas to Make Chester Awesome!

GAS works in collaboration with CWaC whose allocated support officers fully its efforts to engage.

If you want to join the GAS movement, be kept informed and maybe even a bit entertained, sign up/pre-register using the link below.

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