Fairtrade Fortnight 2023 is taking place 27 February – 12 March. Fairtrade works with farmers and workers so they can improve their living standards, invest in their communities and businesses, and protect our shared environment. Fairtrade achieves this by rallying a global community of millions – farmers and workers, supply chain partners, brands, retailers, shoppers, schools, government – to pay fair prices and uphold fair production standards and practices. Fair prices provide an immediate lifeline for farmers and workers struggling with low incomes and disadvantaged by global trade. This Fairtrade Fortnight, the simple message is : making the small switch to Fairtrade, supports producers in protecting the future of some of our most-loved food and the planet.

The campaign also focuses on the threat posed by climate change to many food staples such as coffee and bananas. For example by 2050 up to half of the world’s land currently used to farm coffee may be unusable. 93% of the Fairtrade coffee farmers in Kenya surveyed are already experiencing the effects of climate change.  In India, research has shown that Fairtrade tea growers are reporting more flooding, along with extreme temperatures and water scarcity, as a result of climate change.

In 2022, Chester Fairtrade celebrated 20 years of activity in the city and local campaigners are planning a series of activities to mark this years event. The borough’s Fairtrade Steering Group, which includes campaigners and supporters from Neston, Ellesmere Port and Chester, first secured Fairtrade status for Chester city in 2002 and for the borough in 2011. The achievement, spearheaded by Cheshire Development Education Centre, and supported by the Council and many individuals, community groups, churches, schools, and businesses, has seen the promotion of Fairtrade across the area over the last 20 years.

  • A Fairtrade activity day will take place at The Wesley Centre on Saturday 4th March from 10 til 2, with craft activities and board games. Visitors will be able to learn about the journey of a banana ( and try on a banana costume) and learn about the journey of cocoa from bean to bar (including tasting).
  • Chester Fairtrade will be hosting a pop up stall in the new Chester Market across the whole period , in the unit opposite the Chester Fishmongers. The stall will be promoting the fact that Cheshire West and Chester is a Fairtrade Borough and will also be selling items and offering chocolate samples. The group will also have a stall at the Town and Parish conference at the Doubletree on 2nd March.
  • Waitrose are supporting Fairtrade products instore with World Map /journey of a banana activities on the 4th March
  • Huntington Primary School is having a stall throughout the fortnight as is Frodsham CE Primary and Bishops High is having an honesty box for chocolate for staff and 6th form.
  • Local business Clever Adviser is having a promotion of chocolate and Easter Eggs.

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