Sunrise Patisserie now open

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The Sunrise Patisserie is now open on Rufus Court, joining the community of independent traders in the area. The store sells traditional Portuguese ‘Pastel De Natas’ custard tarts 

Owner Dan explains : “We started the business 4 years ago. The business was created because we found there was a shortage of good quality Portuguese tarts in the UK. We worked briefly with a Portuguese bakery in London. We decided that we would go to Lisbon on a fact finding mission and we found a supplier. We now import Pastel de nata direct from Lisbon. They are sold across our wholesale network and in our new store in Chester. We’ve been open for 3 weeks now , We also attend a lot of food festivals and Christmas markets- we have done the Chester Christmas market for 2 years now. ” Dan says that it was a natural progression to open a retail store having operated in the Chester area for so long and been supported by the Chester public.

Pastel de Nata is a filo pastry with a rich vanilla custard . If you think of a vanilla slice and an egg custard having a baby that is what a Portuguese tart would look like. They are incredibly popular in Portugal and Spain, they’re also found in Macau, and mainland China, and anywhere theres been a Portuguese colony in the past. ”

Having trialled making the tarts themselves as well as bakeries in London, Dan says that the ones he now imports are by far the best.

“I spent 12 days in and around Portugal, around 2 and a half years ago, and these ones were far superior. We are extremely pleased to be part of Rufus Court and to be on Northgate street. We are a hidden store, and we hope that Chester’s residents and tourists will support us in the future. Our number one challenge is for people to find us . We are in Rufus Court, just off Northgate street, the archway opposite Chez Jules restaurant, turn left just before Bolicini and you’ll find us!”

Sunrise Patisserie is open Wed-Sun 10-4

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