St George’s Day celebration this weekend

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Chester is once more on the lookout, following reports of a fire breathing dragon heading to the city. On Sunday 23 April, Chester will be celebrating St George’s Day with the welcome return of St George to slay the dragon and save the princess in a street performance with local school children.

Through a roaming street performance, artist Russell Kirk tells the St George legend with street tournaments starting at 11am in Town Hall Square. If you thought you knew the St George legend, think again as the ‘nearly true’ story is told.

Russell’s tale will welcome the Chester audience:‘All you good folk of Chester Town

Come close and listen wellI have a tale of blood and gore

And bravery to tell’‘Of shiny knights with pointy swords

Of damsels fair and sweet

Of kings of old, with lots of gold/ And very smelly feet’

Children from local primary schools: Dee Point Primary, Mill View Primary, St Clare’s RC Primary and Tarvin Primary will join the minstrels, knights and jesters bringing the story to life as it moves around the city in a pageant of colour and sound. The fast-paced performance starts at Chester Town Hall Square at 11am, moving to Eastgate Street for a test of ‘sword’ skills and Bridge Street where the knight’s ‘archery’ skills will be put to the test.

The final battle will take place outside the Town Hall. Can we rely on our Patron Saint to protect us?

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