Search for young actor to star in new wartime drama

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Producers of a brand-new wartime drama are set to hold auditions to find a talented young actor to join the show’s cast.

Award winning Director Yvette Owen is seeking to cast one remaining role for the premiere of “Waiting” by Cheshire based Playwright Gail Young which is set to be staged at Storyhouse in Chester in November.

Based loosely on Gail’s own family’ history in Liverpool during WW2, “Waiting” tells the story of the hard-working Wright family who are trying to cope with the challenges and heartache that World War 2 and the Liverpool blitz bring. The family is ripped apart by the war and there is a growing feeling of helplessness in the face of an approaching enemy. As time passes, they wait, wait for letters from beloved children, wait for news of a son, a brother, a sweetheart now fighting for King and Country. They wait for instructions from the Government, wait for the sirens to sound and the bombs to fall. 

With all the roles except one now cast, open auditions will be held at Tarvin Community Centre near Chester on Tuesday 30th May at 6pm to find a young actor to play the role of Tommy Wright, the eldest child of Peter and Jessie Wright, the central family in the story. The role is for a boy (acting age 11-13) and Tommy’s character is described as feisty/full of beans. Auditionees must be able to perform with a Liverpool accent. Full details of the auditions can be obtained by contacting the play’s director Yvette Own via email at

“Waiting” is the latest of Gail Young’s plays to make the leap from the page to the stage following on from the success of her previous works including “Bouncing Back”, “Head Over Heels”, “Bothered and Bewildered” and “Cheshire Cats”. The play will run at The Garret Theatre at Storyhouse from Thursday 9th – Saturday 11th November 2023. Full details of the play can be found at

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