The #Hoole2win campaign (see previous blog rolls on with a visit from the latest high-profile supporter. Lord Mayor Hugo Deynem ,and wife  Deb strolled the high street chatting to passers-by and business owners.

Deb and Hugo love Hoole

Samantha Jackson of Chester Beer and Wine, the first place on the LM’s whistle-stop tour said  “Hugo was more than happy to endorse the campaign as a wholly positive influence on the Hoole community who come together to support many local charities and events under the Notting Hoole banner”

“I think it’s a fantastic initiative ” said HD “Hoole is a traditional high street but it’s got a real buzz about it”

“I like wine”

The Lord mayor was impressed with the spirit of co-operation within Hoole, and the many community events that have taken place including the Summer BBQ, the recent charity football tournament with teams from local businesses, the successful bid for Lottery funding for the community centre and the  fundraising calendar ‘Raunchy for Rachel’ in support of BrainsTrust charity.

Fancy a drink in The Brom Hugo ??

Chatting to of Kingdom Thenga of  The Suburbs and trendy new eatery The Hollows,  Hugo asked “So tell me what gave you the confidence to open another one in Hoole? What is it about Hoole that really works for you ?”

Kingdom :”I’m passionate about Hoole, I’ve lived here for 8 years. It’s the people, it’s the community , the butchers, the Faulkner, the Brom.. I can go to Sticky Walnut for a nice dinner. It’s all about helping each other.”

Paula Norris of Hoole community centre spoke of the emerging community spirit  “a group of people got together, sat round a table and said “what can we do? After a lot of thinking , a barbecue seemed a good way to go. The centre’s a bit of a hidden gem. we wanted to raise the profile a bit” The centre attained  just  under 4000 votes for the people’s millions vote, the highest in the North West . The recent barbecue raised nearly £4000. “The Suburbs give us staff, many businesses offering support and sponsorship.”

“If you look at the high street from Faulkner Street to Charles St, everyone’s had a face lift. there’s new venues, and it makes it a destination area so you don’t have to go into Chester” commented Kingdom.

in The Hollows

HD again, “Notting Hoole is really leading the way… Having been involved in some of these community ventures previously , one of  the other spin offs tends to be community cohesion, so you start to meet a lot more people .”

Kingdom agreed, having recently met up with the Hoole History and Heritage team who showed him some pictures of how the High street used to look. “I’m just a custodian of the area. I’ll be gone in 50-60 years, but there’s a responsibility to say “look this is what it used to be, make sure you look after it”

So Happy Together – in the Hollows

Hoole campaigner Sue Mason said it was  “great to have the support of The Lord mayor . The campaign is going from strength to strength , having received compliments from other contenders on our social media presence”  The GB High Street Campaign closes on September 1st. The judges will then produce a shortlist of three high streets in each category which will then be put to the public vote. Hoole is hoping that it will be shortlisted and can rely on local support to drive it to success

with thanks to Sue Mason and Samantha Jackson


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