John Prescott and Paddy McGuinness film car show on Northgate st

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Only a day after  BBC cameras were in town,  the spotlight was  again on Chester  as Paddy McGuinness filmed scenes for his new car show on Northgate st

. prescott3

The Travel Channel show, expected to air in the autumn features Paddy and his co host, former Cestrian John Prescott. The one time Deputy PM has many links to the area and his family used to live in Upton, and he met his wife Pauline whilst he was working in Quaintways, now Rosies.


Paddy and John were seen joking with “Two jags” parked on the Northgate cobbles. On twitter Paddy commented on the previous days filming that he’d had a “good day filming my new car show with this fella. Driver of Jags, ex boxer and former runner of the country”


Mr Prescott also made a high profile visit to the city last year during the election campaign where he visited the “chester in lego” display in the market hall and campaigned at the cross.

Prescott visits Chester market last year


With the filming attracting a crowd of interested onlookers, it seems that Chester is increasingly a popular location for TV producers, with the late Terry Wogan’s visit last year, and location filming for Home Fires, Houdini and Doyle and Midwinter of the Spirit all taking place in the last 12 months.


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