Sick to death: new attraction for the walls

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Finally revealed this week after months of speculation , the hooded Plague Doctor was not a dangerous psychopath, a supernatural entity,  or a student, but in fact a class act in media manipulation by Big Heritage to promote a new attraction. The plague doctor sightings spread across social media and even made it to the national press with coverage by the Mirror and the lad bible, and succeeded in getting people talking about Chester and creating a buzz for the forthcoming attraction.



As revealed exclusively on @ShitChester, “Sick to death” the story of medicine through time, will launch in August inside the 14th century water tower and Bonewaldestorne’s tower. Big heritage has signed terms on a three year lease to take over the towers , breathing new life into the historic buildings which have been unused and empty for decades.

The Doctor will see you soon


Dean Paton, one of the plague doctor’s alter egos, and managing director of BIG heritage said :

“These are buildings that have history literally dripping from every 14th Century nook and cranny. Both the Water Tower and Bonewaldesthorne’s Tower are iconic landmarks, often missed by the public. They are buildings that have excited and inspired us for many years, so to have the keys – and to be shown faith by CWaC to create something incredibly special – is really exciting for all of us at Big Heritage.”

Dean, who signed the deal of behalf of Big Heritage, has a copy of the original indenture of agreement between the then mayor of Chester and its citizens and John de Helpeston for the building of the New Tower, known more commonly as the Water Tower, for just £100. Helpeston led the building of the New Tower in 1322.

Dean and the Plague Doctor 1
Opening soon !


Councillor Louise Gittins, Cabinet Member for Communities commented  : “When Dean shared his vision for the towers with us, we were really excited. The plans Big Heritage have are incredible, so we’re delighted to be able to sign this ground breaking lease agreement.”

The new attraction with a “horrible histories ” vibe will focus on the dark evolution of medicine through the ages, with gory exhibits including the plague doctor himself. Further details are being kept under wraps with the attraction scheduled to open in August.


The  Water Tower, originally known as the New Tower was built in the 14th century and is attached to a spur wall to Bonewaldesthorne’s Tower . The tower was originally surrounded by water and designed to defend the port, but after the river silted up it was left landlocked. By the 17th Century it had long been abandoned, and in 1631 the Bakers’ company offered to rent and repair it with the help of the city authorities.

In 1639 it was renovated at the  and in the 1640s , gun ports were attached to the spur wall. After the civil war the tower served as a storehouse before again falling into disuse.  in 1837 the tower was leased as a museum, but in recent years has been empty apart from openings by volunteers from Friends of the Walls.

Bonewaldesthorne’s Tower which provides access to the water tower via the wall, was also built in 1322. The rectangular shaped building also features a camera obscura which was added in 1840.


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