Escapism Chester is another new attraction for the city and offers a fantastic hour of fun as you and your friends solve puzzles and crack codes in order to escape from a locked room. Escapism is situated in the new Cestria building with the entrance on George Street.  A year ago , Chester had no escape rooms. Escapism Chester joins Rooms Quest (see ) with potentially a third opening in the former Platinum Lounge premises.

Owner Daniel Haycocks, a former construction worker is hoping the attraction will be a big success; ” There’s a bit of a niche in the market in terms of entertainment in Chester. You’ve lost the cinema and the theatre’s not quite ready. There isn’t much to do except eat and drink or play bingo ! I’m a puzzle enthusiast I think these things are great fun.”  Of the city centre location he says that, “the bus station  is being developed at the moment and we’re getting a lot of foot traffic. Theres parking , free after 3 which is really convenient. I’ve timed it, from the cathedral its a five minute walk.”

Escape from the killer….


Escapism offers 4 themed rooms for teams of 2-5 people to pit their wits against.  “What we’ve got here is a clear narrative and puzzle chain, one leading onto another. We don’t give you the answers.. we’re quite cryptic” says Dan. In Amphitheatre, players must escape before the Roman guards arrive and force them into the arena.  This room was designed by Dan himself, with a third party assisting with the other rooms.

The Roman themed escape room. Petitions wont help you here


In Area 51 players race against time to escape a secret lab before a virus kills them. Espionage is a spy themed room and features a very clever surprise. Our team played Taken, which is ranked as the easiest room. With a few hints along the way we managed to escape with minutes to spare. All of the rooms will test your logical thinking, problem solving and team work ability. The room we tried featured some very clever puzzles and involved innovative solutions. Cracking the codes and escaping from the room is hugely satisfying.

“So how do you guys all know each other then?”


Its great to see another paid attraction for Chester, something  new  for residents and visitors to do as the nights draw in, with the rooms being updated every few months. Dan is also targeting the student market with a stall at the freshers fair. “Its a good ice breaker, come in here, you get to know each other quite quickly. ” He also says that he is in talks with a city centre restaurant for a game/meal deal with details to be revealed in the next fee weeks.

Welcome to Chester !

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