” ROCK OFF FIBRO” is a concert organised by  Cestrian David Williams to raise awareness of Fibromyalgia, the chronic  illness his wife has suffered from for the last 5 years. The condition causes pain all over the body and there is no cure. David , who has had to give up work to care for his wife says that his wife is now totally bed bound.”She’s gone from being in the gym six nights a week , running 8 miles a day.. to bed bound. It’s hell. You can’t prepare yourself for it because every day is different. It’s been hell”

With treatments currently limited, Dave aims to raise as much money as possible to fund care at the Neuro therapy centre in Saltney. “They stepped up when I was looking for places who can treat sufferers. The centre offers a range of therapies and also treat other conditions including ME and MS.

The idea for the concert came about over a year ago, and Dave has called on his contacts from several years of attending gigs across the region. “I’ve never done anything like this before. The person that has helped me the most has been Liam, the manager of Kirk Brandon (lead singer from Spear of Destiny). He has helped me in a lot of ways and showed me what to do and what not to do.”

David Williams fighting back against Fibromyalgia

Appearing at the Live Rooms on the 1st April will be :

Dave Sharp,  formerly of The  Alarm, Koozie Johns , The Society , The Expellaires (Leeds based punk band) Headsticks, offering  “punked up roots rock and roll blends barbed lyrics, anthemic choruses, and addictive melodies” , Kneel, and John Lamb.

All of these artists have been touched by this condition in one way or another. The event will also feature a comedian and will be compered by John Locke of the Commercial hotel. An after party will take place at the Commercial until the early hours of the morning.

Rock off Fibro will also include an auction which includes donations from Ferrari, Madness , Everton football club, Chester FC and many others. Chester MP Chris Matheson has been very supportive donating a bottle of whiskey from the House of Commons. Carl Sargeant AM is also supporting the event.

Doctors are starting to recognise the condition more says David, “its neurological, and they are starting to find patterns in different people. I’ve met people who are able to manage it, but a lot have to give up work. The people we are worried about are the people who are taking their lives. I know someone who was in a major rock band who has just lost his wife through this, she took her own life. We want to give people the chance of some pain relief, its not a cure. If they get a week out of it, or a day, its takes people off that step where they’re thinking of something silly. It’s getting to the point where its amongst the highest rates of suicide in the UK.

“We need to get the message out there that we are losing people . Nobody talks about it. We are going to push this and we want Chester to be the home of this treatment. We know if this is a success we can run it again on a larger scale, but we need to get people through the doors.” says David.  ” The condition is horrific, you wouldn’t wish it on your worst enemy. There is no get out card for this, you have it for life.”

David who was recently interviewed by Dee106.3’s Gavin Matthews says he has received “unbelievable” feedback with people from all over the UK getting in touch. All money raised by the event will go towards helping sufferers in Chester and Deeside.

Rock off Fibro is at the Live Rooms on the 1st April .

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