Popular market food trader, Nice Bites have expanded their offering and are now supplying the food for The Deva Tap on Brook street. Nice Bites founder Stuart Fenney:

Stu with the new menu 

“We started off in Chester market with a small unit and gradually progressed to a 4 man team. Then we needed a night premises, so here we are! ”  Head chef Craig will be running the Deva Tap operation whilst Stuart moves between the 2 units. Says Craig:

“I’ve worked in Chester for many years, been a chef for 18 years. Stu approached me with the opportunity and I snapped it up because of the following Stuart’s already got and the concept that he’s already got”

NiceBites @DevaTap will be offering American street /diner style food. Nice Bites have their own smoking process, and are aiming for an “independent Hickories vibe”

“We want to get away from exclusivity of certain smoke houses in Chester.  You can come in here in your vest and pants if you want! Bring your staff here and your kids! This is twinned with great beer”

Launch night at Deva Tap 

Nice Bites are entering their third year and have been one of the stars of the revitalised market hall.  Opening back in July 2016 (see https://thechesterblog.com/2016/07/19/nice-bites/ ) Stu says: “I was completely on my own. I had a commercial oven and an £80 hob. I painted the back wall orange and called it NiceBites. A year and a half down the line I was climbing up TripAdvisor. That brought a lot of attention to me and I struggled because I was on my own, so I got in help and established a base. I feel like the market is my home. No one thought it was going to work, it is working and people love it, and the interaction!

“Gary Usher is a massive inspiration to me. I’ve come from nothing, didn’t get grades at school and didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life. I fell into food… I took a risk and now its paying off. I appreciate all the customers and followers who have brought me to where I am. I’ll remember everyone’s support. ”


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