Grim Chester is a new tour developed by Big Heritage for the Halloween season.  The tour takes place inside St Michaels Church on Bridge Street row. One of our team went along to try the opening tour and meet some characters from Chester’s dark past: 


On a filthy late October evening, 8 souls gathered at St John’s church for Grim Chester.

We were greeted by a shuffling bartender who forced us to sign a disclaimer that gave him first claim on any of our limbs that may be lost during the night. He led us deep inside the church along a dank corridor to meet our first resident of the medieval city.

Thomas Wyatt demon barber, physician and all- round experimenter on bodies was first up.  He introduced us to a variety of implements that certainly made the flesh creep. He was the custodian of an unfortunate local Merchant who had met a grizzly end. Wyatt delighted in his displays of vital organs and rancid fluids. He claimed to be able to diagnose ailments by imbibing these fluids and with relish he demonstrated this to the horrified onlookers.

Wyatt’s perversions were suddenly interrupted by the dreadful sounds coming from an adjoining chamber. A hooded character appeared who beckoned us forth. Before us stood Bill Turnpike- clearly a man not to be crossed. A huge oak chair was square in front of us and before we could react, one of our number was fastened securely to it. Turnpike showed a unhealthy interest in his victim before explaining in minute detail the tortures he could inflict.

Not before time our bartender appeared to rescue us from further harm. We wandered through the cavernous interior only to stumble across a harmless jester. Our relief was short lived as the deranged fool regaled us with a terrible and heartrending tale. Only when the light flickered on his countenance did the horrified onlookers see the full extent of this disfigured wretch….

Once more we were led away and a soothing mead was made available to us to calm our shattered nerves. How we all made it out alive I will never know but as we made our way out no one in our group looked back at the foreboding edifice to question why…


Grim Chester runs until November 3rd!  For further details/bookings visit :

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