Update Jan2018: the gallery have ceased trading

The Silver Star Gallery on Godstall Lane has been open for just over a year. Silver Star gallery is situated opposite Duttons and is surrounded by several other independents  in the area now as Chester’s “Romantic heart”.Friday night was the gallery’s official relaunch and owner Stephen Greenwood was chatting to blogger Kate Northcott :

“When we first started out we were very different, we were low end- affordable. We were trying to do something different and original, we wouldn’t do any prints at all , it was about supporting local artists. We were taking on artists from Grosvenor Arts society and charging no fees for wall space, just working on commission only. We were encouraging artists and providing a platform for their work but unfortunately it just didn’t work. We had to make 20 sales a week just to cover our costs, so it was an expensive learning curve.


“I’ve always had a great love for art and collected art, I suppose its been more of a hobby. It’s a pleasure really. I’m originally from Manchester but  I moved to Chester when I was about 13 so I consider myself a Cestrian now. This is my sole business. Part of it is a bespoke framing service, and I see that as a trade. The gallery itself is a waiting game, some weeks you might not get a sale, another week someone might spend a thousand pounds…

Of the prelaunch and the new roster of artists, Stephen says   “the works a bit cooler, more hip. Previously we didn’t really have an identity, we were trying to find our feet. Urban artists feature heavily in the new look Silver Star with Stephen joking that he uses the word urban,  “20 times a day!”

“I’ve always loved Godstall Lane…with its ivy and fairy lights. My footfall isn’t fantastic , so its going to be a longer process for me. If I opened up on the high street things would move a lot quicker. 13 months is a short time for a gallery, and doing our research some galleries take up to 5 years to be fully established.”

Mr Sly


Artist Mr Sly was in attendance at the event and told us about his background and journey into the world of art. “I’ve been in the army for 10 years and before that I was a graphic designer. I went to Germany for 7 years I went to Afghan in 2011.. Since I got back I’ve been doing art. I like to mash up images and put my own stamp on things.  “I’ve been doing art in the galleries for 6 months now and I’m in 8 galleries. ” His long term plan is to become a full time artist.

You can see the new art at Silver Star Gallery Monday – Friday 10-530 and Sunday 11-5.


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