20 Questions #4 Cllr Jill Houlbrook

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Jill Houlbrook is Conservative Cllr for Upton 


1.How are you ? Thanks for asking this question .. not everyone remembers to ask about others.

2.Who/what inspired you in life ? Wow this is a difficult question .. and there’s no one answer. I’ve found inspiration from different sources at different times in my life. My history teacher when I was at Grammar school in Essex .. she painted pictures with her words. My granddaughters who have opened my eyes to how they see the world and the injustices they face. The women through history who in their own ways and at their own times fought for their rights.

3.What advice would you give to your younger self? Believe in yourself .. don’t trust readily .. trust is earned not a right. People can disappoint you. Every day is only 24 hours.

4.What do you do to relax? Walk, read, bake cakes and bread. I have rescue cats ( I’ve just adopted a third one .. ) Enjoy the company of family and close friends.

5.Fav film of all time Now Voyager .. and I’ve just read the book during lockdown.

6.What would you sing on karaoke night ? You don’t own me.

7.Where do you see Chester in 5 years time ? My hope is for a greener, cleaner, happier City. Vibrant and busy. A city which is welcoming and friendly.

8.Where do you see the world in 5 years time? Still struggling nation against nation.. religious zealots still wanting to impose regimes on others.. I’d like to think that there would be no hunger and no hate and that we are well on our way to a carbon free future.

9.If you could change one thing about Chester what would it be? Positivity let’s have more positivity. Fewer moans.. if you don’t like it .. do something about it.. there is no such organisation as ‘them’.

10.Are we alone in the universe ? I see no reason why we should be.

11. Name 3 things you love I love my children and grandchildren I love a fire a glass of red wine a book and a cat on my knee I love to be able to help people help themselves

12. And 3 you hate I hate bigotry I hate litter I hate negativity

13.In your darkest hour what gives you comfort Been there got the tee shirt but others have darker hours .. so knowing I’m loved.

14. What is the greatest memory of your life ? Another hard one .. so many wonderful memories Giving birth .. being elected .. (each time ) The huge honour of taking the role of Lord Mayor. The privilege of being a grandmother.

15.What would be the title of your autobiography? If you never make mistakes you never make anything.

16. What becomes of the broken hearted ? We learn to live with pain.

17.What was the last film you saw and was it any good ? I have a rather eclectic taste and have just joined Disney .. I love Malificent .. and yes it’s worth watching.

18. Which person , living or dead would you take for an independent coffee or drink Queen Elizabeth 1st.

19. Favourite place in the borough (specific) ? Countess of Chester Country Park

20. If you could time travel, where/when would you go ? Tudor times.. what a fascinating period of history. Strong women who put weak men on thrones. Weak men who used and abused their female relations to gain power and wealth for themselves and strong women who became rulers.

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